A 4 Day Spiritual Experience

31st October to 3rd November, 2019

Field of Abundance is a consciousness upgrade, an education that no school or university has given you so far.

Transform the following 5 pivotal areas of your life through new and revolutionary insights.

  • Achievement – shift from obsessive doing to joyful being.
  • Partnership – discover what love is.
  • Parenting – become a transformed parent who creates an impact to create a difference to yourself and to the masterpiece you help to sculpt.
  • Wealth Creation– purify and dissolve all that is obstructive to creating great abundance in your life.
  • Leadership– Become an extraordinary leader by moving into a state of connection. Only when you move into this state of connection, intelligence thrives, genius grows, prosperity grows, abundance grows, and you enter a new realm of possibilities.

Preethaji is a philosopher and a modern day sage. During the Field Of Abundance course she teaches you the ultimate power – the power of an expanded state of consciousness through wisdom, deep insights and The Limitless Field, a powerful meditation. Preethaji leads you into experiencing expanded states of consciousness. Her presence has the power to make calm, connected and creative states of consciousness your personal and lasting experience.

Preethaji is a speaker at international conferences such as the TedX series of conferences, the Equinox Symposium in LA and Fudan University China. She mentors numerous leaders like American success coach Tony Robbins, Iconic Musician Usher Raymond IV and business leaders such as Mike Novogratz.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Preethaji live in Nordic.

Ask yourself from your heart:

Would this journey be worth to you

  • if you got the fruit of healing of one deep hurt from your past and returned you to greater trust and a new mindset?
  • If it helped your child flower into a happier and more joyful individual?
  • If it led you to the discovery of what love is?
  • If It dissolved the obstacles to abundance from the deepest layers of your consciousness and opened you to a magical flow of wealth and creativity?

3 Fold Awakening in Consciousness

At the core of this powerful journey is a 3-fold awakening where 3 dimensions of your consciousness become enlivened.

When we look at the brain matrix, between these three awakenings, huge sections of brain’s neural networks fire and become activated.

Calm Consciousness:

As this dimension in Consciousness awakens, the stormy war with oneself ends.
You become whole as the wounded and traumatized child within heals opening your heart to the joyful innocence of a happy child. You meet the most estranged person of your life, which is yourself.

Calm is not a mere absence of stress or agitation. It is a state of being centered and connected to oneself. You are a peaceful warrior capable of conquering any kind of challenge because you transcend past failures and disappointments. You are filled with calm courage.

At the level of calm consciousness, the teachings and processes work on the core brain that activates fight-flight response and also the parasympathetic system that is hardwired for natural relaxation. The journey leads one to achieve the calm that you so desperately need in this world filled with too many choices and relentlessly overbooked schedules.

Creative Consciousness:

When you awaken to Creative Consciousness, your relationship to wealth and success undergoes a magical transformation. You begin to access intuitive intelligence that is beyond the limiting purview of the mind to find solutions to complex life situations.

You are freed of limiting and binding energy impressions from your past called ‘samskaras’ that hinder syncronicities and abundance from flowing into your life.
You emerge into a Conscious wealth creator and a leader capable of leading organizations and communities towards an extraordinary future. Your powerful actions create an impact on the web of life.

At the level of Creative Consciousness, the teachings and processes are aimed to work on three networks of the brain.

The first one called the executive attention network is necessary to achieve laser beam-like focus for complex problem solving.

The second one called as the imagination network that lights up your creative potential.

The third one called as the salient network that makes intelligent choices based on what is most important for the situation on hand.

Connected Consciousness:

When you awaken to Connected Consciousness, you come across a state of love like never before. You solve the biggest enigma of life, which is to find a balance between work and family, between achievement and love. From a state of love, you create fulfilling and enduring relationships. You engage in spiritual parenting fostering your children to build great destinies. You live as a heart-full partner and an awakened parent.

At the level of connected consciousness, the teachings and processes aim to decrease activity in the inferior parietal lobe leading to less emotional turmoil and mind chatter. It is said to lead one to a sense of expansion and losing one’s individuality into something larger. This activation in brain centers opens you to an experience of going beyond yourself and connecting to the other.

Preethaji, Founder of O&O Academy will lead this deeply transformative spiritual journey.

Preethaji is a modern day Indian philosopher and sage who has co-founded along with her husband Krishnaji the O&O Academy (school to revolutionize and transform human thought), World Youth Change Makers (an elite community of youth redirecting the future of the world through a revolution in consciousness), and One Humanity Care (a Foundation working with the vision to uplift 10,000 villages in India).

She established OWA Foundation a non-profit charitable foundation, which has to date offered life education to 150,000 children, young people and to many of their parents and teachers in India. The foundation also supported Udavum Karangal, a local orphanage with more than 3000 residents with regular food supplies, and education for 100 children.

She has designed profoundly transformative meditations and processes that form the core of the experience of Ekam or The Oneness Field – Asia’s largest marble pillarless hall, an architectural marvel built to impact human brain and consciousness and thus hasten the process of world transformation.

She is also the Co-Founder and Vice Chairperson of White Lotus Conglomerate, a successful business that spearheads the creation of residential, commercial and hospitality space.

Childhood & Early Life

Preethaji was born on 2 December 1974 to Rama Bhagavaddasa and Lakshmikara. She has an elder sister with whom she shares a close friendship and many beautiful memories.

When she was eight years old, Preethaji was struck by the awareness that those around her did not seem to experience the state of compassion that was inherent in her. She realized that most people lived their lives with a painful sense of disconnection.

A naturally brilliant student, she effortlessly completed her schooling and Bachelors in Commerce (Ethiraj College, India), where she was awarded a state rank in accountancy. She then went on to receive her Masters, in both Business Administration (University of Queensland, Australia) and Philosophy(Kamaraj University, India).

Business career

Preethaji is the Co-Founder and Vice Chairperson of White Lotus Conglomerate and primarily directs its financial operations. Her guidance and insights centre the group in integrity, responsibility and has led to a phenomenal rise in its growth chart. Along with Krishnaji, she approves and shapes the conglomerate’s strategy, reviews its growth and guides in the over-all direction of the company. Preethaji has been the vital driving force of White Lotus.

She also directs Kosmik Music and Kosmik Global Media, a media conglomerate recognized for its award-winning wild life documentaries featured on the Animal Planet, National Geographic and Sony. Kosmik Global Media is an established production house specializing in a broad range of factual content, natural history documentaries and feature films.

The productions have won awards such as Winner of Best Film on Forest and Wildlife at the Woodpecker Festival in 2014, Winner of Best Film on Science and Technology in 2013 at the 61st National Film Awards given by the President of India, Winner of the Best Cinematography Award at the 3rd Jaipur International Film Festival January in 2011.


From a very early age, Preethaji was gifted with an ability to deeply feel and connect to the sorrows and joys of others. In her words, “I believed this is how all human beings were. It is only when I was 8, that I realized for the first time that most of humanity actually lived with a very strong sense of self that made them feel separate and disconnected from the other. It was deeply unsettling for me and I found myself wondering ever since, how to turn this around and help people experience true spiritual connection.” She had her first transcendental spiritual experience at the age of 17, one that she credits as being a very significant milestone on her path to emerging into a spiritual teacher.

Personal Life

Preethaji is married to Krishnaji since 1996 and they live together with their daughter Lokaa in Chennai, India. Amidst all the immense success in the world of business, Preethaji has remained a philosopher at heart. Her priority has always been the vision to transform humanity with her deep spiritual insights into the nature of human suffering and awakening them to the oneness of all life. Preethaji is the daughter-in-law of well-known Indian spiritual teachers, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, the Founders of Oneness University and Co-Founders of O&O Academy.


A series of powerful spiritual experiences & insights in 2009 led to the founding of One World Academy, a wisdom and meditation school for transformation – with a vision to end human suffering and help individuals live in a beautiful state. For Preethaji, a beautiful life is one that is lived free of suffering, a life that is lived with a larger purpose, and one in which the well being of the world is included. Her life stands a testimony to this.

Preethaji has developed a series of spiritual courses & meditation practices that are aimed at helping individuals, groups and corporations live and function from a beautiful state. In 2010 she also initiated OWA Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, which offered life education to more than 150,000 children and young people.

In the year 2017, she co-founded O&O Academy along with her husband Krishnaji and the Founders of Oneness University Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma. O&O Academy is a spiritual school with a vision to awaken humanity to a state of ‘One-Consciousness’ – where they transcend all forms of separation and experience oneness with all that is.

Preethaji mentors the team of faculty at the O&O Academy campus, India. She also mentors the One consciousness Trainers and One Consciousness Transformers across the world.

She has designed several courses, meditations and seminars that are now offered by the Faculty, Transformers and Trainers of the Academy, both on campus and worldwide.

Preethaji herself travels across USA, Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia offering her signature weekend program, “Being Limitless” and a four-day retreat “Field of Abundance”. In her presence, students and seekers sense a rare enlightened sage, who impacts her students not only through her wisdom, but also the power of her consciousness.

She has taught leaders and at organizations including Tedx at Kansas City, Opera Winfrey’s OWN; Ari Emmanuel’s WME-IMG annual convention, and the High Performance Symposium organized by Equinox. Learning from Preethaji is indeed a true blessing. It is awakening to a new consciousness, a new life and the power to create a new world.

Watch, Listen and Learn from Preethaji

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  • 1 preparatory online call
  • The Four Sacred Secrets
  • 5 life journeys
  • 28 days follow up online
  • Meeting with Faculty

3000 Euros
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2000 Euros

  • Including:
  • 1 preparatory online call
  • The Four Sacred Secrets
  • 5 life journeys
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  • Special group meet with the Founder
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  • 1 preparatory online call
  • The Four Sacred Secrets
  • 5 life journeys
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  • 1 preparatory online call
  • The Four Sacred Secrets
  • 5 life journeys
  • 28 days follow up online


We are very happy to welcome you to Sweden and Stockholm. To make your stay as pleasant as possible we have arranged a special price on accommodation for Field of Abundance Nordic participants at Elite Hotel Marina Tower. There are two options available for you to choose from, single or double room where you will have a special discount from ordinary room rates. To make sure you get this kind of accommodation you can just follow the link below to assure your booking.

If you like to stay at any other accommodation, there are many varieties to choose from. You can find more options at Here you find some suggestions:


Name of venue:

Elite Hotel Marina Tower


Saltsjöqvarns Kaj 25
131 71 Stockholm

Phone number:

00468 555 702 00

Please plan to arrive by 30th October evening and depart no earlier than November 04th.


Day 1 Thursday starts with registration at 7.30 am and entrance to hall at 08.00 am. Course between 08.30 am – 07.30 pm. Friday and Saturday 08.00 am – 7.30 pm. Sunday 08.00 am – 06.00 pm with breaks for meals, morning and afternoon tea and to attend to any personal needs.

How long is the course?

Field of Abundance is a 4-day spiritual intensive program. You have to book your stay at the hotel or at any nearby place of your convenience.

What happens each day?

Day 1 Thursday starts with registration at 7.30 am and entrance to hall at 08.00 am. Course between 08.30 am - 07.30 pm. Friday and Saturday 08.00 am – 7.30 pm. Sunday 08.00 am – 06.00 pm with breaks for meals, morning and afternoon tea and to attend to any personal needs

Who are the teachers and how is the course presented?

Field of Abundance is conducted by Preethaji (Founder of OWA and O&O Academy) supported by the faculty members. The teachers will conduct the entire course live.

Will I have a chance to ask questions in the course?

Yes, in fact you are encouraged to enquire, question and learn.

How much interaction is there with the other participants? Will we work together in groups, with individual teachers?

There will be times when you are interacting with other participants as well as periods of silence and inner reflection.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the course?

You may come to the course as you are, without preparation. However, if you wish to maximize your experience, we recommend you to practice the Soul Sync Practice. Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities. Heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind.

You could download Soul Sync from here and save into your personal mp3 player / iPods and practice them.

It is best to eat moderately several days before.

We recommend that you do not consume any alcoholic or narcotic substances, excluding physician prescribed medication, for several days before in order to prepare your system for the shifts in consciousness that will occur during the course.

Be well rested, receptive and reflective.

Can my children attend?

We recommend the course for ages 16 and greater.

What will be the outcome for me if I did the Field of Abundance?

Field of Abundance is an intensive spiritual immersion lasting for a period of 4 days. 
Seekers, thinkers, leaders, families and individuals come to the Field of Abundance to awaken to abundance.

Field of Abundance is a consciousness approach to wealth creation. There is a wisdom, there is a state of being from which you generate abundance. That will be the journey into abundance and into you becoming a conscious creator. Wealth creation that sustains you and the fabric of life.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

We recommend that you dress comfortably and simply with an emphasis on modesty. Non-revealing clothes that cover the shoulders, chest and knees are recommended. Shorts that come up to the knee are recommended. Tight, transparent or revealing clothes, such as short skirts, tights and leggings, sleeveless or skimpy tops are not preferred. The key is to wear comfortable, loosely fitted clothes that breathe and are preferably made of cotton or other natural fibers.
Remaining fully clothed at all times is necessary.

What about photography and videography while on the Field of Abundance course?

OWAH reserves the right to film, record and take photographs at the Field of Abundance, including, and not necessarily limited to, the Intensive and to use them for promotional purposes. Participants who prefer that their images not be used are asked to identify themselves at registration upon arriving at the Field of Abundance and let the organiser know. Whilst photos and videos are permitted outside of the sessions; personal video/audio recording within the sessions is strictly prohibited.

“Our Vision is a total revolution in consciousness from I-Consciousness to One-Consciousness. From a Suffering state to a Beautiful state. From Self preoccupation to Connection. From Division to Being One.”


"Every human being deserves to be in this state. To operate, live, and experience from a beautiful, happy, pure, and joyful loving state."
Praveen Kenneth
Founder/Chairman, Elohim and Kenneth Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
"I realised my attachment to my identities is at the heart of my suffering. I have experienced deep freedom, self love and self compassion this week. That these states are possible is hugely uplifting and confidence building."
Mike Novogratz
Principal & Director , Fortress Investment Group
This has helped me realize that life doesn't change just by changing one's stories. One needs to figure out what is really the truth behind the issues of our life in order to address them.
Ari Emanuel
Co-CEO of WME-IMG, Owner of UFC
"A process like this would take you to a place where you can address, chaos and craziness with greater equanimity and when you do that, you make better business decisions."
Casey Sheahan
CEO Patagonia Inc., 2005 - 2014